Emakina.NL hosts Alexa Hackaton (Alexa, mix me a Fuzzy Navel please)

Alexa, Amazon’s voice-driven virtual assistant, today already recognizes about 7,000 externally-developed integrations. According to Amazon, tens of thousands of developers are hard at work to expand the Alexa skills list. With these skills, you make dear Alexa do just about anything, from reading recipes for you to controlling household appliances. With a growing number of […]

Laurane, From Hackathon Star to New Colleague

The Emakina family is growing and we’re on a roll, with exciting projects, new technological solutions and above all, a magical melting pot of talent from various backgrounds. It is exciting to witness how new talent jumps aboard this fast train, and becomes part of the movement. Laurane Colignon, already well at home at Emakina […]

IoT Geeks and Coding Gurus Unite at EmHackinathon

From 16 to 18 October, young and aspiring creative souls with a heart for coding will want to be in on a new feast of the Belgian hacking and coding community. Are you a student specialising in coding, digital development and UX/design? Then this is your hour! Participate in the EmHackinathon, subscribe today! Everyone will go […]

Emakina lance « Challenge Ubick », un hackathon sur les données photographiques 3D du quartier Paris Montparnasse

Grâce à des images aériennes de la surface terrestre,  InterAtlas, Imao et Acute 3D proposent une reconstitution réelle des villes françaises en 3D, appelée orthophotos 3D, de très haute résolution. Les 3 sociétés françaises à l’origine ont ainsi confié leur petit bijou à Emakina pour imaginer un dispositif qui en fera la référence en terme de cartographie en 3 dimensions : Ubick.   […]